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Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013

What Inspired me to Write my Book

by Lucas Heath

To grow as a writer, I wanted to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and do something different from my favorite genre of science fiction. I wanted to produce a work that wasn’t written solely for entertainment. I desired to offer the reader something more – a message or a moral. BoX was just the story to do that.

I have found people to be fascinating. I’ve watched them. I’ve worked with youth in varied home settings – both exceptional and abusive. I’ve researched and studied common social patterns in society. Books and television are filled with characters that I enjoy analyzing and following how they develop. It was my thought to incorporate what I’ve learned about people, both the good and the bad, into my writing of BoX. The story itself is twisted, I can’t deny that. However, it is based on personal observations of mankind. This was by far the biggest inspiration of the story.

Restricting the book’s setting was also planned to challenge my writing. Could a story with a limited stage sustain a reader’s interest? I wanted to find out. Twenty-seven solid-white cubes couldn’t be any more boring. Creating realistic and captivating characters was needed to compensate for uninspiring surroundings; that was a momentous challenge.

What inspired me to put twenty-seven people in isolation cubes for an experiment?


First, there was an old, classic movie called “Cube,” the premise of which is that a group of individuals wake up in a maze of cubes which are filled with deadly and gruesome traps. In order to make it out of the maze alive, a series of clues must be solved.

Second, inspiration came from a reality show called “Solitary.” Once again, a group of individuals is locked up. While kept in isolation for a period of weeks the contestants brave a series of tests. The last to complete each test is eliminated from the game.

Both sources of inspiration affected certain elements of BoX. However, my story introduces its own originality to ensure it is unique and unpredictable! If you haven’t read BoX yet, I hope you like it!


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