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Posted on Friday, March 21, 2014

What exactly do you need to be able to call yourself a writer? It’s funny when you think about it. To be a lawyer you need to go to university and practice the law for a number of years. To be a doctor you need to spend around a decade studying medicine. But to call yourself a writer all you need to do is... call yourself a writer.
If you’re a number 1 best-selling author, you can obviously call yourself a writer. But you can do that even if you’re the 100th best-selling author, or 1 millionth. Or if you haven’t sold a single copy of your newest release. There’s more! You can call yourself a writer if you haven’t published anything yet. I’d go even further and say that you can call yourself a writer even if you haven’t written anything. All you need is an idea in your head.
Everybody has become who they are because they once had an idea in their head that they wanted to do this or that. So if you have an idea for a book and you feel the calling and you’re going to write - you’re a writer.
And yet many writers have problems with acknowledging what they do. I had this issue at the beginning as well. I am a business woman - by degree and in my mind. I studied five years at university and worked in several multinational companies to be able to call myself that. So when I left my job for a gap year traveling around the world, I didn’t know how to label myself any longer. I was still a business woman in my mind but I was also a writer. It took me several years to get over myself and be able to say with pride: I’m an author.
When somebody asks me what I do, I no longer bore them with my corporate life story. I go straight to the point and say: “I write children’s books”. I also wrote other books but I am most passionate about the work I do for kids. And the reaction (not that it matters) is usually something like “wow! That’s so cool! I’ve never met a writer before!”. And then they ask me how it all started and where I get the inspiration from so I actually do have a chance to tell them about my life story. Only that it’s no longer boring to the listener.
So, yeah, being a writer is not about how many best-sellers you have or about how many awards you received. Although this does help. Being a writer is about seeing the world in a unique way - and writing about it. Being a writer - is a state of mind.
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