Altors (Zinc Trilogy) by Nastasia Peters

Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2013

    3. Calycanthus Esquivel

    “It’s not as bad as it seems”

    Five years later and we were still in this together. Nothing seemed to be able to separate us and every time our closeness was so much as threatened, we found ways to defend it. It was what kept us going, what made us want to keep going. Lupinus, Acacia’s husband and one of our two guardians, said that we were being dramatic. And although his points on teenage hormones may be valid, it didn’t stop Solenum and me from believing it.

    Laying flat on my back against the concrete, I stared up at the sky with hooded eyes, feeling a bit sleepy as it couldn't get more peaceful than Edge. The sound of waves crashing into one another was surrounding us, and the clouds changed colors as the sun made space for the moon to rise. It wasn't cold because it never got cold in LV.

    Solenum was lying next to me, one leg crossed over the other, bouncing it up and down because she could never sit still. She didn't mind sitting at Edge for hours, though she had to move some part of her body because she couldn't seem to help herself. She was very impatient, especially in school. Acacia said that was just because we were fifteen. Maybe it was. Solenum had been so reserved and bordering on skittish when I'd met her, I had no idea if she had turned into her regular self again or if she'd just changed completely from who she was before.

    I tilted my head to the side, pulled out of my thoughts at the sound of her light chuckle. She was probably just thinking of something amusing, making me smile in turn as she hadn't always smiled and laughed this easily. Although Sol had allowed me into her life that day on Edge, she hadn't just become happy all of a sudden. It had taken a lot of work and imagination on my part. At first I had tried to make her tell me about her parents, but I soon came to realize that pushing resulted to nothing at all. She'd simply close up again, removing whatever progress I'd managed to install within our friendship. I'd resorted to pranks instead.



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