Ghost, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias @pt_macias

Posted on Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chapter Two

Hell, yes, I’m home and I have a few days off. I’m heading straight to my apartment. I’ll get my bike and ride over to see Loco, he thinks. He stops for a moment and contemplates his surroundings. Yeah, this is another world and it’s my world now.

He takes a taxi to his small one bedroom apartment. Yeah, my apartment is small because I live alone. No need in living with a roommate and especially a woman. I’m hardly ever home. I love it here on the west coast, close to every type of entertainment.

I love living in Huntington Beach and near the ocean. I love the ocean. Loco lives near the ocean, but down a few cities. Yeah, this is awesome! The day is beautiful and I’m going to ride my sweet bike, he thinks.

He grabs his keys, locks up his apartment, and jumps down the side rail. He lands on the ground floor. Nathan quickly strides to the garage and directly to his bike. He throws his duffle bag in the saddle bag.

Ok, now I’m forgetting the last 48 hours and enjoying my time off, he thinks.


Roberto Daniel De Leon has been striving to be the best in every aspect that involves his dream. He stands tall and proud at six feet two with a very hard, developed, muscular body. There’s no way that you’ll not notice his physical assets.

He walks out of his apartment and to the parking garage. He stops and looks towards the ocean. Roberto takes a deep breath, closing his beautiful smoky quartz brown eyes fringed with long black eyelashes. Yeah, now it’s time to have fun, he thinks.

Roberto walks up to his bike, smiling. Oh, damn yes, I love riding my bike.

He hears a soft tap, only one sound. He stops, slowly turns around, pulling out his Glock.

“Damn, guey (asshole)!! I almost shot you,” yells Loco. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Yeah, asshole, glad that you’re not slacking off,” replies Ghost.

Roberto walks over to his buddy Jackson. His name is Nathan Jackson. He is called the Ghost because you hardly ever know he’s around, muses Roberto.

Ghost walks so silently, and it seems that he hardly breathes. I find it kind of amusing when I see him in action. I would never believe that such a huge man can move so silently, quickly and barely breathes, thinks Loco, amused.

Ghost is six feet five inches. He’s a huge son of a bitch. He can be as mean as a man can get when dealing with the scum of the earth. Ghost has a very light skin tone and has incredible pale blue eyes. So I think Ghost fits him in so many areas, muses Loco.

Roberto walks up to Ghost and gives him a huge bear hug. He slaps his back with joy. “Damn, I missed you, guey!” yells Roberto, grinning.

“Yeah, Loco, that’s why I’m here. Why not hang out and enjoy our few days off,” replies Ghost, in a soft low tone. 

Ghost is wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket with black t-shirt. He has a black scarf wrapped on his short blond locks. He wears black biker boots. You know he’s carrying.

He slowly grins, flashing his dimples. That’s the only feature that Ghost has that’s soft.

“So, you’re game to cause some hell tonight,” whispers Ghost. His pale blue eyes sparkle with amusement.

“Oh, damn, hell yes!” yells Roberto. He walks towards Ghost’s new bike to check it out. “Sweet, real sweet, it’s awesome.”

“I love the black metallic with the silver sparkles,” says Ghost. He speaks low and softly, almost like a whisper. He has a soft southern drawl. “Loco, your people’s suggestions and the investments that I made paid off. Those investments are awesome.”

“Yeah, they’re great and I’m set,” replies Loco, nodding.

“Loco, let’s go get some food, beer, and some warm comfort,” says Nathan.

“Let’s go, that’s exactly what I planned,” replies Roberto, grinning.


Roberto and Nathan walk into the club after having dinner down the street. They look hot and swagger into the club with a confident stride. They’re a pair of hot, sexy, bad boys walking into the club to have some fun.

“Oh, yeah,” says Nathan, looking around. Yes, this is hot. I always wanted to check out a Latino club. Oh yeah, he thinks.

“Let’s get some tequila shots!” says Roberto. He strolls to the bar. He reaches it and turns to look at Nathan.

Nathan is following Roberto, turning to look at the band. “Wow, sorry,” says Nathan, to the cute Latina that he just bumped into.

His voice is low and sexy. He gazes into the cute chica’s amazing huge brown eyes. He quickly grasps her waist with his hands to prevent her from falling. He unconsciously pulls her a little closer.

Andréa runs into Ghost, she quickly grasps his arms to stop her fall. She stares up into Ghost’s beautiful, pale blue eyes. Her eyes open wide with surprise and amazement. Oh, dios mio (oh my god), this is one huge white boy, she thinks. She holds onto his huge muscled arms.

“Please, excuse me! I wasn’t looking,” says Ghost. Damn! I’m scaring this beautiful girl, he thinks. I better let her go.

Andréa breaks into a huge warm smile. She gazes up at him, not releasing her hold. “Hi, I’m ok. No worries,” replies Andréa.

Ghost gazes into her beautiful eyes and starts to smile. Wow, she’s not scared, he thinks. She’s really beautiful.

Oh wow, he’s so guapo (handsome), huge, and has awesome dimples. I think I like everything about this white boy, thinks Andréa. Oh yeah, I especially love his southern drawl.

She tilts her head slightly, to inspect his side view. Oh, yes, he’s totally what I like. I love his beautiful pale blue eyes, thinks Andréa.

She steps a little closer to slide her hands up to his shoulders. “I would love to dance,” says Andréa. She gazes into his beautiful blue eyes, reaching his soul.

Ghost gazes into her eyes. I can see her beautiful soul. Yes, I can feel her soul connect to mine. Oh damn, hell yes. I’m dancing this slow dance with this girl, he thinks. “Ah, you would like to dance?” asks Nathan. He leans down a little to whisper in her ear. He feels her tremble.

“Yes,” replies Andréa. She gazes into his beautiful face.

Ghost releases her and takes one of her hands. He leads the way to the dance floor. Oh, damn yes, I love this slow song, he thinks.

He pulls her into his arms. He encircles her waist, pulling her close to him. He inhales her incredible scent. Oh, she smells amazing, he thinks. 

Andréa puts her hands on his strong wide shoulders. She gazes up into his eyes. She smiles, slowly moving her arms up his shoulders. “I’m Andréa Martinez,” says Andréa.

“It’s nice to meet you, Andréa. I’m Nathan Jackson,” he replies, softly near her ear. Oh yeah, she’s sweet, sexy, and hot, he thinks.

Damn it! Now what? I know that he likes her. I think that I’m on my own now, thinks Roberto.

He sucks the lemon and salt. He then throws back his head, drinking the tequila shot.


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